An Auckland teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old student and let the student watch her have sex with her partner has lost her registration.

Kiri Jasmine Kay, who was a teacher at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate School in Otara, also supplied alcohol and drank with senior students on a school trip last year.

Kay and the student, a Year 12 girl referred to as 'Student A', started a sexual relationship in late 2015, a summary of facts released by the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal said.

"Student A made attempts to stop seeing the respondent, but the respondent would contact Student A by phone and cry," the summary said.


"As a result, Student A felt bad and agreed to the sexual relationship continuing."

Kay talked to the student about leaving teaching so they could be together.

The student eventually confided in another teacher, who told the principal in March 2016. Kay was then placed on leave. She resigned later in the month.

The Tribunal also said Kay took the student to her home, where she had sex with her partner while the student watched, and then "permitted" her partner to have sex with the student.

The summary of facts also said in October 2015, during the school holidays, Kay arranged a trip with her nephew, niece, and a student from the school, with permission from the student's parents.

During the trip Kay realised the student was consuming alcohol, and allowed it to continue despite knowing the student was under 18.

Then, during the summer holidays, Kay and three 17-year-old students went on a trip proposed by the students.

Kay and the students went to a liquor store and the students bought alcohol, while Kay was at the counter with them. They were not asked for ID. The group then drank the alcohol, though Kay said they were not "highly intoxicated".


In a letter explaining her actions, Kay said she was not in a good frame of mind due to stress in her personal and school life.

The Tribunal agreed it was "inevitable" they censure Kay, cancel her registration, and annotate the register.

The Tribunal declined Kay's name suppression application and also ordered her to pay 40 per cent of costs for the case.

Teacher censured for physical abuse

A teacher at a different school has been censured for hitting a child on the fingertips while making an example of them to the class, and banging another child's arm on a table.

Maria Papuni was a beginning teacher at Randwick Park School in Auckland, teaching Year 0-2 students. Papuni was 53-years-old, having just retrained to become a teacher.

In June 2012 she was struggling to control two misbehaving students who were disrupting the class, so had the students stand in front of the class and hold their hands out.

She smacked the fingertips of one of the students, intending to make an example of them, the summary of facts said. She brought her hand down on the other student but stopped short of making contact.

In explanation she said she hadn't meant to make contact with the first child.

On another occasion in March 2013, Papuni sat at a table with a student and asked them a question. The child did not respond, and stared out the window instead.

Papuni continued to try to get the boy to respond to her, and eventually ended up standing over him shouting at him. When he still didn't respond, she pulled his arm toward her and banged it on the table.

She later resigned but is now working at another school.

The Tribunal censured her and imposed a condition on her practising certificate that within 12 months she complete a professional development course focusing on behaviour management. The register will be annotated and Papunui must pay 50 per cent of investigation costs.

Registration cancelled over forgery

A teacher's registration has been cancelled over forgery on students' work.

The teacher forged two documents submitted as students' work for external moderation by the NZQA, forged signatures on NZQA assessment documents, and awarded credits to a student who hadn't done the course work, while failing to award credits to a student who had done the work.

She also didn't maintain adequate processes for storing and moderating internal assessments, and failed to formally observe staff in her department to complete her appraisal and attestation obligations.

The teacher, who has about 30 years teaching experience, was the head of department at a North Island secondary school.

The Tribunal cancelled her registration and censured her for serious misconduct.

Teacher found to have inappropriate relationship with student

A teacher who developed an inappropriate relationship with a student and undermined the boy's relationship with his mother has been suspended from teaching.

The teacher regularly messaged the 10-year-old on Instagram and Facebook, bought him treats including a onesie, a soft toy, food and money, and dropped him home on two occasions.

The teacher and student would send each other messages with love heart emojis attached, and in one message the teacher asked about whether the student wanted to see her that weekend.

Another message said she had got the boy a vegemite scroll for lunch and "a wee treat".

She pursued the relationship despite three warnings from the school about her conduct with the boy.

The Tribunal accepted the teacher was suffering a major depressive episode at the time, and that she had genuine insight into the fact she crossed a boundary with the student.

They censured her and suspended her registration until she could provide evidence her depression was under control and she would not relapse. They also imposed a condition she undertake a course focusing on appropriate student-teacher boundaries and assertiveness.