From Hawai'i to Dipton - the new Prime Minister is quickly proving to be from a different mould than the man he succeeded.

Bill English has only been Prime Minister for a few days, but as parliament breaks up for Christmas and the new year he is already making plans for a summer holiday.

But unlike his mate John Key the destination is not a tropical paradise in the Pacific - although Southlanders might disagree.

Our new leader will spend Christmas with wife Mary and their extended family at their home in Wellington, before heading down south to the family farm in Dipton.


Also making the trip will be fellow minister Nick Smith and former National politicians Tony Ryall and Roger Sowry, maintaining a long-standing tradition.

"We have holidayed together every Christmas for the past 25 years or so years," English said.

"It's a great opportunity to spend some time in the home my family and I grew up in and out on the farm, lending a hand where I can."

In addition to family and friends, the Diplomatic Protection Squad will also be heading along to the farm with the Prime Minister, a far cry from what has been their standard Hawaiian assignment since Key took office eight years ago.

"Downtown Honolulu it is not, but I've assured them it has a charm of its own," English said.

Key purchased his double-storey, three-bedroom Maui holiday home for $5.6 million in 2008.

Even in winter, which stretches from November to April in Hawai'i, temperatures average between 26 and 28C, jumping to 29-32C in summer. Meanwhile in Dipton, English will be hoping the forecast for the area improves over the new year, with rain and an overnight low of 10C predicted for Christmas Eve.

The register of pecuniary interests also reveals some stark differences between the former Prime Minister and his replacement.


Key is listed as owning four properties, including ​his swanky Parnell mansion, holiday homes in Omaha and Maui, and his electorate office at Huapai.

He is also has financial interests in Bank of America and Colorado-based investment company Little Nell.

English's list makes for light reading compared to Key's. He is listed as being an owner of his family home and farm in Dipton.

A bevy of gifts also awaits English in 2017 if those bestowed upon Key are any suggestion.

Among the gifts received by Key and recorded in the register of pecuniary interests are a wristwatch, pen set and coin set given by the Prime Minister of Kuwait, a carved stone eagle ornament from the Chinese ambassador, eight helicopter flights - including a flying lesson - two honorary golf memberships and a gift listed only as "meat" from Anzco.