The woman at the centre of the actor sex trial made up the sexual assault allegations after their extra-marital affair ended, a court has heard.

But the woman says she never made anything up and the sexual violation happened "well before" their affair.

The woman is under-cross examination today at the Auckland District Court during a well-known actor's jury trial.

The man, who has name suppression, has denied 10 counts of indecent assault and two charges of sexual violation between 2010 and 2013.


The award-winning actor headed the acting division of well-known modelling agency and approached young women after group classes and invited them to one-on-one sessions when the alleged offending occurred.

The actor's lawyer, Ron Mansfield, today asked one of the four women who complained to the police whether she made up the sexual contact because she was upset their affair was over and that he'd kissed other women in other private classes.

"No, I didn't make this up."

The oral sex never happened during the classes, but at the motel and in a car where their affair happened, Mansfield said.

Again, the woman, who was in her early 20s at the time, disagreed and said it happened in a small room during one of their private sessions.

Mansfield suggested she'd felt slighted when their relationship ended because he'd told her he was going to leave his wife.

The woman said she didn't remember him saying that, but said he'd told her he "wasn't happy at home".

And as an intelligent young woman, studying two degrees at university she would have known someone touching her breasts, undoing her pants and touching her genitals with his mouth without consent was sexual assault.


"You're not an 8-year-old child are you?" Mansfield asked the woman.

She should have known, but didn't, she said.

"By that stage I had spent a lot of time with [the man] , done a lot of group classes, a lot of one-on-ones. It had progressed to that stage. It wasn't instant.

"It started with a kiss on the cheek. I was told it was part of my progression and I believed him."

The alleged offending happened during a "push/pull" exercise where the actors would react to touching one another.

And despite the alleged offending, the woman continued to attend and pay for group and one-on-one classes.

Mansfield said she was comfortable continuing to do the push/pull exercises with the man throughout.

"He was my teacher. I trusted in what he was doing, he was supposed to be guiding me."

Earlier, the lawyer painted a picture of the woman as a confident and intelligent woman who was comfortable around adults in her part-time jobs as a waitress at a cafe/bar and sales assistant.

"You're a physically attractive woman and you have confidence - confidence in yourself and confidence in your appearance."

But the woman said she wouldn't say she had "a lot of confidence" but more of an interest in trying something new.

Yesterday, the woman told the court the actor approached her after a group class and said he saw potential in her and would benefit from one-on-one sessions.

The classes were held in his locked office.

Yesterday, the woman told the court the offending started with him pushing her shoulder but over the course of a year, became more sexual with the woman alleging he asked her to touch his penis and "give it a little kiss".

During one session, the woman said, he told her to lie down then undid her jeans and performed oral sex on her for a few seconds before she pushed him off.

He told her it would help her become less sexually inhibited and it "was scary for him too", she said.

The trial continues.