A luxurious escape for one family could not have come soon enough as the effects of the gastro crisis still linger.

The Burt family were nominated as the winners of the Napier relief and relaxation package back in August after their "horrible experience" during the water contamination in Havelock North.

Rachel Burt was ill for 10 days, had four days off work, one trip in an ambulance, two hospital visits and three GP visits while the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Elliot, was hospitalised.

Miss Burt said this week's three-day escape in Napier was just what they needed with Elliot still affected by the gastro bug.


"Her immunity has rapidly declined since she was sick so she picks up any bug possible and she is still lactose intolerant, so we are having to work through it all."

The family checked in to the penthouse suite at The Dome on Tuesday.

"From the moment we stepped in the door everything was perfect. We were greeted and shown around and even the little things like Elliot's cot was decorated and had nice blankets, it was all amazing."

Miss Burt and Mr Brown were treated to Mexican food and jugs of sangria with a Mexi Mama voucher.

"It was our first night out together since having Elliot so we got a babysitter in and really enjoyed being able to really go through the menu and eat and drink some great things."

The couple were grateful for the sleep-in the next morning.

"[Elliot] didn't wake up until 8.30am, it must be because she's been having a blast and is so tired from crawling up and down the steps, running on to the deck and swimming in the bath."

Yesterday the family enjoyed a morning of Par 2 Mini Golf and an afternoon at the National Aquarium, gifted by the Napier City Council.


In the evening they went to Monica Loves for cocktails and had dinner in their suite.

The family check out this morning after three days of relaxation, rejuvenation and some quality time together.

The Dome manager Ailne Bradley organised the package to offer some neighbourly support after the gastro crisis rocked Havelock North.

"While we could not help everyone we just wanted to give one family a well-deserved break and show that we cared," Ms Bradley said.