The Earthquake Commission [EQC] has received more than 11,000 claims since Kaikoura's monster quake.

People have until February next year to file their claim with the commission.

The Insurance Council of New Zealand has also received a couple of thousand claims, but chief executive Tim Grafton is urging policy holders to also contact their insurers as they're likely not making the most of their policy.

Grafton said they have been inundated with queries since the November 14 quake about what their policies covered.


Most of the time, renters who only had contents insurance, were unaware that they too qualified for temporary accommodation cover for not only themselves but also their pets.

"Most home policies as well as contents policies provide cover for temporary accommodation and emergency evacuation. Each policy wording will differ so people should check with their insurer.

"People who are renting and only have contents insurance may not be aware that they probably will also have cover for temporary accommodation."

Grafton also urged people to contact their insurer first after an incident as they had to agree to the cover.

Other key factors for qualification include the renter's home becoming "uninhabitable due to loss".

"The choice of temporary accommodation needs to be reasonable, for example, a similar standard to your existing house. It doesn't cover additional costs such as travel, letting fees, utilities, meals, phone, internet."

28 Nov, 2016 11:04am
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Policy holders will also be covered even if the damage to their house is under the $100,000 EQC cap limit.