An accident along Whanganui's Mosston Rd which knocked out power to nearly 200 homes has prompted calls for a speed camera in the area.

About 200 mainly Otamatea homes were without power for part of the morning after the 4.20am accident. Power was restored by late morning.

The 23-year-old female sole occupant was cut from her car by emergency services and taken to Whanganui Hospital with moderate injuries, police said. A hospital spokesperson said the woman's condition was satisfactory. Investigations into the cause of the accident were ongoing and it was too early to say if charges would follow, police said.

Mosston Rd was closed between Tayforth Rd and Fox Rd but re-opened to one-lane traffic by early morning.


One Mosston Rd resident said he heard a bang followed by a flash "like lightning".
"It was the power lines arcing I guess. Our power is out and we have no water - it's pumped," the resident who did not wish to be identified said.

He said accidents along Mosston Rd seemed to "happen every other week". "They travel too fast. Not many do 70 along here."

Another resident Emily Brooker suggested a permanent speed camera. "Speed humps wouldn't work, there are too many tankers. Speed wouldn't be a problem if everyone stuck to the limit but they don't, especially at night."

Ms Brooker said others she had spoken to in the area agreed speed was at least part of the problem.

Location of crash

Downer lines manager Jason Kruger said power was restored to most homes by mid-morning. The remaining four homes had power by early-afternoon. A new power pole was installed.

Mr Kruger said high voltage lines did not touch lower voltage lines as a result of the accident, meaning it was unlikely the accident would have caused electricity spikes to affected homes.

A previous accident in Mosston Rd, last year, caused widespread damage to household appliances and electronics when that accident caused the high and low voltage lines to touch. "That hasn't happened this time," Mr Kruger said.

The accident was a "horrible wake-up" for Bevan Johnston, who's front fence was left damaged. "Everyone thought it was another earthquake."

Mr Johnston said he saw blue flashes and a flatmate confirmed it was an accident. "If the power pole hadn't been there she would have hit the house."

Mr Johnston said speed was an issue along Mosston Rd but did not believe a speed camera was the answer. He said there were a number of issues including a tight corner near to Buxton Rd, closed off following a fatal accident some years ago.