A week on from the life-changing 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Kaikoura and some locals are getting back to normal.

Surf instructor Dave Lyons, 44, urged people to get back into doing what they love whether that's mountain biking, soccer or knitting.

Lyons has been hitting the beach to watch the surfing, he'd be in the water if it wasn't for an injury.

"You need it. You need to get back to normality. It keeps your spirits up. It brings good vibes to your household.


"We all love Kaikoura even after what's happened. Maybe even more now."

He said the community of more than 80 surfers were "fizzing" to see what the shake-up had done to their world-class surf breaks. The first surfers hit the waves on Thursday.

"They've been in the water ever since.

"At the end of the day there's good waves breaking here and we're just stoked it hasn't damaged our waves. They're still pumping.

"I'm sure Canterbury is itching to get up."

Lyons' son Reuben, 12, who surfs every day after school hit the waves today and said it was pumping. He was excited for the house his family were about to build on their land by the beach but now they have to wait another two years to get the funds to do it.

Avid surfer Levi O'Connor, 27, came down to the Meatworks break just north of Kaikoura to check out the new waves this morning.

He thought the lifted seabed had improved the surf.

"Usually you can only surf this break on a low tide. But now we can surf this break at all tides. We're actually pretty lucky. We're going to be able to surf all day.

Reuben Lyons, 12, at Meatworks. He said the world-famous surf break was
Reuben Lyons, 12, at Meatworks. He said the world-famous surf break was "pumping" today. Photo / Alan Gibson

"Everyone is talking surfy talk. Everyone is pretty excited."

O'Connor had just invested all his money into starting his own business offering New Zealand's first paddle kayaking tours. He said it was shaping up to be an amazing season.

"Now it's going to be a bit tougher. But Kaikoura is such an amazing place I'm sure people are going to want to come and check it out.

"We've got such an amazing backyard here. You can go out and see the seals and earthquake sites all the reef uplifted."