Emergency services were frantically responding to landslides and flooding in Wellington earlier today as wild weather brought flooding and slips to the quake-hit region.

One slip on Parkvale Rd in Karori caused the evacuation of a house.

Earlier today, fire communications shift manager Mike Wanoa said emergency services had responded to hundreds of weather-related call outs in the Wellington region since midnight.

Crews were at the scene of a slip threatening townhouses on Acheron Rd in Porirua.


"We've had some particularly bad [slips] in Pukerua Bay," Wanoa said.

"Water has been gushing through homes."

Emergency services were working with local councils to make sure residents were safe.

"Since midnight, we've had 187 weather-related incidents," Wanoa said.

By 3.30pm, things had quietened down dramatically, he said.

There was still some minor flooding but the storm had passed over and he said the Wellingon based communications team were clapping their hands.

Earlier today, a police spokeswoman said council contractors were at Parkvale Rd in Karori dealing with an historic slip in a bank at the rear of a house and a concerned neighbour was worried it had worsened due to the earthquake and intense rain.

No one was believed to be in the property, with the owner shifting out earlier. The owner had been notified about the latest movement.

A Parkvale Rd resident said he believed the landslide had formed on Sunday as a result of bad weather.

He said it was behind a property near the top of the road, which was on a very steep piece of lane.

Heavy rain across the Wellington region has caused slips and rivers to burst their banks. Photo / Melissa Nightingale
Heavy rain across the Wellington region has caused slips and rivers to burst their banks. Photo / Melissa Nightingale

"There's been nobody in the house since Sunday."

The slip was described as being the size of the house it was threatening - about 10m across and 6m high.

"It's dirt that's come down, it's all at the back of the section, it's very steep."

He said it looked to have come into contact with the house.

The slip comes as motorists are stranded, houses are being evacuated in the Hutt Valley and roads are closed across the Wellington region.

Wanoa said a number of people have been evacuated after slips tumbled onto houses in Wellington - but it was too difficult to establish where exactly these were at this stage.

"Off-hand I cannot tell you where they are, the areas of concern are stretching from Pukerua Bay north of Wellington to suburbs south of that including Plimmerton, Paramata, Papakowhai, Titahi Bay and Whitby.

"We have slips that have come down onto houses and on occasions those people have been evacuated."

There were also a lot of problems around Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, however the situation was too fluid to say with certainty who was being evacuated from where.