A volunteer firefighter is robbed on the job, and a Whangarei design school could be forced to close if it loses government funding. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A volunteer Wairoa firefighter who was called out to help fight several scrub fires early on Saturday returned to the station to find his car had been broken into and more than $6000 of fishing gear taken.

A Whangarei design school which caters for young creatives may have to close this year, because it looks likely to lose government funding.

A purchase of $400 for a trio of books became the bargain of the weekend at this year's annual charity book sale.


The median price of properties sold in Rotorua in October has jumped 51 per cent in the past year - but the number of houses sold has taken a dip.

A Whanganui Special Olympian has been selected among nine New Zealanders with intellectual disabilities to participate in an athlete leadership programme.