Kiwis are lashing out on social media at the news that Americans are wanting to move to New Zealand after Donald Trump's presidential win.

Facebook comments on a Herald story about a spike in US applications to Immigration New Zealand have been mixed, with some wanting to close the door to fleeing Americans.

The top comment was less than welcoming, and referred to film director Taiki Waititi's tweet earlier in the week.

"They shat in their own bed, now they have to sleep in it," said Tane Gurnick.


Stan Nicholas said: "Stay put, keep your habits there. We've already got enough foreign ownerships [sic] here."

However, many of the responses hit back at the negative comments.

"On behalf of my fellow brothers and sisters I am sorry for any Americans that is reading these hateful ignorant comments," Jenn Walkroad said.

"We should welcome all foreigners with open arms. How about some love, positivity and growth. Rise above the hatred that seems to be spreading to us 'friendly' kiwis through this election," said Emily Rutgers Lynaugh

The post has been liked by more than 2000 people and shared 500 times.

"I am embarrassed to be a New Zealander by some of these comments. So what if they want to come, it tells you they are worried about their country and want a better, safer one," Kirsten Jury said.