A popular Auckland cafe is being blasted for using photos that objectify women to advertise weekly music gigs.

Herald on Sunday food columnist Delaney Mes is aghast Ralphs Eatery in Balmoral is using pornography in its online campaign for its 'Thirsty Thursdays' DJ nights.

Mes has posted a snapshot of the shop's instagram post with three partially naked women striking seductive poses. They are captioned DJ Terry Terrible, DJ BJ and DJ Smokes.

"Cool that Ralph's Eatery in Dominion Rd are embracing the objectification of women for their marketing plan #wtf," she posted on twitter.


An earlier event in October posted on the company's Facebook page uses other images of naked women to advertise Burger and Beers at the cafe.

An outraged Mes told the


she was shocked the eatery had turned to such desperate and outdated measures to get their message out there.

"I just find the objectification of women to sell products offensive and surprised it's still being used."

"One the one hand I am never surprised when I see it but I am shocked they would even go there."

She said since her tweet the company had deleted the pictures from its Instagram account.

A number of women had commented in support of her stance.

Many had said they would boycott the business.

"Lots of people are saying the won't go there again. I don't necessarily want to ruin their business but it's not acceptable."

Ralph's owner Hadleigh Donald said, "Oh my God are you serious? I will take them down then if it's causing that much..."

He said that people had the right to be offended by the images, but he was not and believed that other people were not.

"It's actually a DJ night that these guys do every couple of weeks, it's a post that they made and I put up for them.

"I think everyone has the right to make any kind of opinion on what they like. It's up to them, it doesn't offend me and it doesn't offend other people."

He said those who were offended had "taken it out of context".

The correct context was "a fun Thursday night," he said.

When asked if he believed it was appropriate to use those kinds of images for advertising, he said: "I'm in the middle of lunch, bro, I'll talk to you another time".

He then hung up the phone.