Police officers conducting a drug raid in Waikato not only netted drugs - but saved some kittens, too.

Officers in Te Awamutu stumbled across the kittens, according to a post on Waikato Police's Facebook page.

"Whilst conducting a search warrant for drugs in our area my new work partner ... found a group of young kittens that were facing the end of their seven lives."

Posted by Waikato Police on Tuesday, 8 November 2016

"After numerous phone calls she found someone to home them and rescued them. The kittens are very happy now."


The cats were not all that was found, the post said.

"Oh, and we found some grow rooms and cannabis. One fulla will be visiting our court house at the end of the month [sic]."

Anyone wanting to adopt the cats, can contact Te Awamutu cat rescue service, Nellie's Bazaar, on 07-870 1822.