An Auckland family whose shop was robbed as they slept upstairs are hoping CCTV footage will identify the man responsible.

The Bartram family own and operate popular face and body painting studio Body FX in Morningside, and live above the store.

As they slept on Monday night, a man wearing a hooded jacket cased out their New North Rd premises before breaking inside and stealing their day's takings and a Go Pro camera.

Taking hard earned cash from BODYFX

Hey everyone we were broken into last night. They stole our cash register and other things :( we have cameras though so we thought we would share and hope you share to.

Posted by BodyFX on Monday, 7 November 2016

CCTV footage clearly shows the man as he peers into the windows and glass door at about 3.30am on Monday, before gaining entry and making off with their whole till.


"He actually stole the whole till, he jemmied it off," said Julian Bartram. "We really want to catch the bugger."

CCTV footage shows a man leaving with a till from Body FX, Morningside. PHOTO / SUPPLIED
CCTV footage shows a man leaving with a till from Body FX, Morningside. PHOTO / SUPPLIED

Bartram said the family were now out of pocket, but also felt unsafe in their home.

"Our insurance excess is $1000, so Merry Christmas to us. But more importantly we live above the shop because we live in Auckland and it makes sense to reduce our footprint and we don't really want to have to go and hire a place that might be safer.

"We thought we lived in a safe neighbourhood."

The Bartram family. PHOTO / SUPPLIED
The Bartram family. PHOTO / SUPPLIED

He hoped that releasing CCTV footage of the alleged offender would identify the man, and recover what they had lost.

"I am just hoping that someone sees it and hands him in," said Bartram. "We do a lot for our community with free face painting and everything, and if this guy had come to me and said that he was hungry or needed money for his power bill I would have helped him out."

Bartram said his wife, Yolanda, and young daughter were afraid since the robbery.

"They are just really gutted and our family is scared. All the what ifs go through your head, like what if I had heard a noise and come downstairs, or if my daughter came downstairs to use the bathroom or something, it's pretty overwhelming."


Police were investigating the robbery and have been approached for comment.