A woman who vandalised graves at an Auckland cemetery earlier this year - mostly of children and stillborn babies - has been found not guilty by way of insanity.

The woman, who has name suppression, was on trial in the Papakura District Court this week after her arrest in June.

About three or four sections of the Papakura Cemetery were damaged in her vandalism streak, including adornments being thrown around and damage to headstones.

The community rallied around the affected families, with many helping clean up the mess.


Vicki Bates, whose daughter Madison was buried at the cemetery, told the Herald immediately after the vandalism: "We had a fireman who came down from Whangaparaoa - he cooked sausages and made drinks for everybody.

"And we had a lady make us a cake for Madison's birthday, because it was her birthday today."

The woman who caused the damage was having an acute relapse of a psychotic illness at the time of the offending, Fairfax reported.

But expert doctors reported she was now doing well.