Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is recommending that councillors adopt a raft of new measures to strengthen scrutiny of Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs), including Auckland Transport.

Among the measures, he is recommending councillors no longer be appointed to the Auckland Transport board as allowed under the Super City legislation, but be allowed to compete with other candidates for board roles.

The new mayor has been criticised by councillors Mike Lee and Chris Fletcher - who have sat on the board for the past six years - for not appointing councillor directors.

The new measures will be discussed at a governing body meeting on Thursday.

"The practice of simply appointing two councillors to a board of eight directors has not been effective in achieving adequate accountability or responsiveness from Auckland Transport.


"Strengthening the oversight of the CCOs, including Auckland Transport, will result in solutions that are better aligned to the outcomes Aucklanders want," Goff said.

The Mayor's proposal includes:

• Introducing new rules for Auckland Transport to determine how its governing body must operate;

• Modifying CCOs' Statements of Intent to better meet Council objectives;

• Undertaking a comprehensive review of accountability policies;

• Developing fresh, comprehensive Letters of Expectation for all CCOs; and

• Strengthening Council committees' ability to scrutinise CCOs' achievement of their outcomes.