Forget allegations of voter fraud, email scandals and locker room talk.

Could a sweet baby boy born an ocean away from the dramas of the United States' election tip the balance?

Some might say, tough firmly in cheek, that little Evan Leggett has form.

But the newborn can also, quite rightly, put the blame on his parents, Auckland couple Reece and Charlotte Leggett.


They proud first-time parents celebrated their bonny boy's November 3 birth by placing a notice in the New Zealand Herald.

So far, so good.

But they went a step further than the usual list of birth date, weight and name.

At Reece Leggett's suggestion, Evan's birth notice included a nod to current events.

"Arriving after the Brexit, during the All Blacks record win-streak, and before a potential Trump presidency - it's an exciting time to be alive!", the notice ended.

The couple hoped the notice would be published on Saturday, the day before the All Blacks took on Ireland in Chicago.

But they missed the deadline.

The notice ran yesterday - a day after the men in black's shock, first ever defeat to Ireland.


After getting over their initial surprise at the unexpected defeat, the couple remembered Evan's notice, Charlotte Leggett said.

"I thought 'that's gone and ruined our whole message'. We were thinking 'should we pull the notice?'

"But then we thought 'what the hell'."

Initial upset over the All Blacks' loss had passed. A greater concern was now weighing on their minds, Reece Leggett said.

"Now our biggest concern is if we've jinxed the All Blacks, have we jinxed the US presidential election? Might we have a potential [Donald] Trump presidency?

"I hope it's not. We'll have to wait and see."