A teenager led police on a dangerous car chase last week. He talks candidly to reporter Andrew King

The blue Honda Civic was parked on a street in South New Brighton, there for the taking.

So 15-year-old John*, did what he says he has done many times before. He broke into it and stole it.

He and his three mates blasted out to Bromley and then back to South New Brighton, where they were eventually caught, via North New Brighton and New Brighton.

They were smoking cannabis and having a good time.


It was not long before they attracted the attention of the police.

"When I saw the cops in the rear view mirror I just put my foot to the floor and took off," John told The Star this week.

Several police vehicles joined in the pursuit and tried to stop the Honda. Spikes were deployed but were ineffective.

John was not going to stop.

"Every time they tried to stop me [police] I would drive up on the footpath to avoid them. There was a bit of traffic that night, but I didn't crash into anything," he said.

A police spokeswoman said they wanted to end the pursuit quickly because of the way the vehicle was being driven on suburban streets.

The pursuit last about half an hour, according to John.

John said he was not concerned about the road in front of him, his focus was firmly in the rear view mirror.

"I was too stoned to think about other people on the road and when you have the police behind you, you don't really think about anything, you just put your foot to the floor and just drive," he said.

They eventually stopped on Beatty St, South New Brighton, when the Honda ran out of petrol.

"If I had a full gas tank, I would have been gone," he said.

Police surrounded the vehicle and pulled the teenagers out and put them in a paddy wagon.

John said it was just part of being a teenager.

"You know that feeling that some teenagers get these days like "f*** the world" yeah, that's what it was like," he said.

A resident on Palmers Rd, North New Brighton, filmed the pursuit and said he couldn't believe people could endanger the public they way they did.

"I think it's stupid, dangerous and pathetic. But to be honest, kids will be kids, but obviously their parents haven't taught them that stealing is scum, and stuff like this is nothing to be proud of," he said.

All four involved in the chase have appeared in Youth Court. One was remanded in custody to appear next week, the other three, including John, were remanded on bail to appear later in the month.

John has been given a 24-hour curfew but said the rules have done little to deter him in the past and he cannot see that changing.

"If the boys have a car, I am going to go out with them. We all do similar stuff it is just us hanging out really," he said.

*John is not his real name. For legal reasons he cannot be identified.
- Christchurch Star


Dangerous or negligent operation of a vehicle by 15-19 yo in Christchurch:

• 2016 - January to September: 195
• 2015: 255

Theft of a motor vehicle by 15-19 yo:

• 2016 - January to September: 3
• 2015: 3

Illegal use of a motor vehicle by 15-19 yo:

• 2016 - January to September: 72
• 2015: 111