Tribal Huk Waikato gang leader Jamie Pink was given a two-arm salute by his members as he arrived at court today.

Pink, whose full name is Allan James Pink, was arrested on Friday and charged with two charges of unlawful possession of two pump-action shotguns on October 24.

The 45-year-old was followed into court by several of his gang members as well as his lawyer Roger Laybourn.

He also said hello to people and shook their hands as he walked around court.


Laybourn requested that Pink be remanded without plea for two weeks.

The charges come about after police searched Pink's black Ford Explorer - which had been pelted with bullets - and discovered the weapons inside.

The charges have a maximum penalty of four years' prison or a $5,000 fine.

Pink spent the weekend in mental health care at Waikato DHB's Henry Bennett Centre before being granted leave on Monday.

Pink, who was also ordered not possess any firearms, was bailed to reappear on November 16.