Kiwi Cindy Low, who was tragically killed at Dreamworld last week will be farewelled by family and friends in Australia.

A death notice published in the Herald today stated the 42 year old's funeral will be held tomorrow at 1.30pm at the Palmdale Hillside Chapel in New South Wales.

"Our gorgeous Cindy will be forever in our hearts and minds. All our love is with her."

Four people died on the theme park's Thunder River Rapids ride on October 25: Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi from Canberra, and Sydney-based New Zealand woman Cindy Low.


Goodchild's 12-year-old daughter Ebony and Low's 10-year-old son Kieran were also on the raft, but survived.

Kieran was the last person to see his mother alive and knew immediately that she had died.

He spent the night in Gold Coast University Hospital with his father at his bedside.

The four bodies were released to families on Monday for burial following post-mortem examinations, reported Australian media.

Cindy Low's grandmother Kath Cook told the Herald she was too upset to speak to the media after her granddaughter's death. Low grew up in Kawerau and was raised by her grandmother.

Cook said having the tragedy plastered all over the media was difficult and she was avoiding television because of it.

Low went to school in Kawerau before meeting her husband-to-be, Mathew, later in life.

The couple have lived in Gosford, north of Sydney, for over a decade but were holidaying on the Gold Coast at the weekend.

Yesterday investigators closed the air space around the theme park while they re-enacted the fatal incident using weighted dummies.

The coroner was also present.

The re-enactment came one day after about 200 Dreamworld staff opted to return to work to carry out administrative and maintenance duties.

Dreamworld chief executive Craig Davidson previously said the park would not reopen to the public until the funerals for the four victims were held. On Monday he told Australian media he didn't know when the investigations inside the park would be complete. He doesn't know when they will reopen to the public, except that it won't be happening this week.

"At this point there is no timeframe or decision."