The second largest Lotto prize is up for grabs this Wednesday.

After the $30million jackpot wasn't won on Saturday night the fortune has increased to $34million.

While the prize is unstruck two winners from Wairoa and Patea have won $500,000 each from first division.

Lotto spokeswoman Kirsten Robinson said they predict over a million tickets have been sold this week. They won't get the final figures until Monday but around twice as many tickets were sold on Wednesday compared to a standard Lotto draw.


"It's definitely well over base week... There's a lot of excitement."

Nelson's Richmond Night 'n Day is one of the "luckiest" stores in the country having sold 29 first-division winning tickets in the past.

Its owner David Smolenski said they were due to sell another big one."It's been steady all week and it's really started to get very busy towards the end of the week. There's a lot more people who don't normally buy tickets who are coming in and wanting to get a ticket or asking how to get involved in the $30m jackpot."

He said sales were up about 200 - 250 per cent."It's the busiest it's been for a while. The fact that we're one of the luckiest stores in the country also doesn't hurt - it works wonders for business."

Jai Patel, the owner of Auckland's Mid City Lotto & Newsagent, said many of the punters had never bought a ticket before and had no idea how to play Lotto, indicating the excitement the draw was generating.

"Since we're in the city, we usually get more people for the Wednesday draws, but this week we've been getting lots and lots of people in right up to Saturday."