The winning numbers have now been drawn.

And they are 22, 19, 30, 23, 15, 36 and the bonus number 31.

The winning powerball number is 9.

The $30 million Powerball jackpot is the biggest its been since 2013, when a second division winner took home an additional $33 million.


Earlier today a pair of best friends who split a $12.3 million Big Wednesday win last year offered some advice for tonight's potential jackpot winner.

One half of last year's lucky pair, who live in the South Island, spoke to the Herald on the condition of anonymity.

She and her friend have paid for their own and their children's mortgages with their winnings, and they advised any winners tonight to be up front with their families if they win.

"Let your family know that you've won and be clear about how you want to help them - and how much - at the same time.

"Being open and honest with everyone makes life so much easier."

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