See that's what happens when kids are left home alone.

They watch the news bulletins and see Donald Trump saying what he does to women because he's famous and can get away with it and what he'd like to do to women if he got half the chance, and they see women telling us that he's an octopus on planes and tries to kiss them when they're clearly shunning his advances.

The kids go out with a warped sense of what is right and what is wrong, they see a group of blokes on bikes in a ritzy part of town, wind down the car window and take the mickey, shouting out "real men ride woman."

Yes the grammar was wrong but the message was pretty clear.


Not satisfied with just poking the borax, they've got the cell phone out to video their performance and then post it to their followers on Snapchat for a laugh.

Trouble is when you're the Prime Minister's son, it's not the reaction of the cyclists but the great unwashed who are now tittering.

Source: Snapchat / Max Key

Yes Max Key has been left on his own in the Prime Ministerial Parnell mansion this week and he's clearly been cruising the neighbourhood.

You've got to ask yourself though, is 21-year-old Max taking the proverbial? He's a social media junkie and like his Dad, he obviously revels in the publicity and he hasn't had much of that lately.

As Donald Trump knows, a bit of locker room banter certainly stirs up the masses.

Yeah well it's stirred up the Key household as well with his Dad fielding questions about it in India where he'd rather be talking about free trade agreements.

John Key was on his cell phone to Max's offensive iPhone telling him his comment was inappropriate.

While he was at it he should have told him it's actually illegal to drive and use a cell phone.

But Max has explained and apologised, his Dad said, adding the mind boggling comment that he clearly didn't mean to make the sort of comment that he made in the way he did.

Now that sounds straight out of the Trump speak dictionary.

The young Max has given his Dad an assurance though that he won't do it again, although that may be easier said than done especially if Trump can beat the odds and take the White House.

The Presidential hopeful owns almost 20 golf courses and given the Keys have been on the current incumbent's golfing team, another invitation could be in the offing.

If it is, then they'd better start scrubbing up on their locker room talk!