An Auckland man has put out a cheeky call asking for help to remove what he says is a fit bit attached to his friend's ankle.

User Bryce Thompson posted the funny message on the Auckland Buy & Sell, $100 and under Facebook page.

"Anyone know how to undo fit bits when they are put on too tight? Any small sharp scissors?

"My mate stupidly put it on his ankle and can't get it off.''


The post includes a photo of a what is clearly an electronic home detention monitor attached to a person's ankle.

A Google search brings up the photo - which appears to be stock image.

Thompson's location is listed as McDonald's Otara.

The post has attracted comments from many people - those who understand that it is a joke and those who appear genuinely concerned about the situation.

"Serve your sentence and then it will come off or you could ask the police to kindly remove it,'' one person said.

Another suggested calling in the help of TV3 cameraman Billy Weepu - the brother of former All Black Piri - who famously cut through a monitoring bracelet with a pair of scissors on live television.

Another woman suggested: "Cut your leg off.''