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Immigration New Zealand are set to deport a man convicted of beating his wife so severely as she held their baby daughter that he temporarily deafened her. Jone Vuetaki, 26, was sentenced in the Timaru District Court to 130 hours of community work in August for the vicious assault of his wife in November last year. READ MORE: 'Joke' community work sentence for man who beat, deafened wife The Fiji-born meat worker denied the charge but was found guilty after a trial before Judge Joanna Maze. After he was sentenced Immigration New Zealand revealed that Vuetaki was here illegally. He had been in the country unlawfully since March. "Vuetaki is liable for deportation, but INZ strongly encourages him to settle his affairs and make arrangements to leave the country as soon as possible by departing voluntarily." It is understood Vuetaki appealed his sentence. His now ex-wife told the Herald that the judge dismissed that appeal and cancelled his community service so he was free to leave the country immediately. "He is now free to leave the country on his own, if he is not gone in a few weeks he will be deported," said the woman, whom the Herald has agreed not to name. She said she was disappointed that Vuetaki would not have to do the community work, but relieved he had to leave New Zealand. "That's the only thing I get out of this," she said. An Immigration New Zealand spokesman confirmed Vuetaki would soon be sent back to Fiji. "Mr Vuetaki is still in New Zealand but arrangements are being made for his departure," he said. Vuetaki assaulted his wife after an argument. She was holding their 9-month-old daughter at the time. Vuetaki swung at her, hitting her hard on the left side of the face. She fell to the ground, and realised she could not hear. Her eardrum had been perforated and her hearing was affected for some time after the assault. At his trial the court heard that Vuetaki had been abusing his wife for "years". The couple have since separated.