Taranaki was hit by a mini tornado that's blown off roofs and ripped garage doors overnight.

The mini tornado hit New Plymouth between 1am and 2am.

Meteorologist Stephen Glassey said it had the potential to "lift roofs and damage houses and sort of lift up furniture".

One New Plymouth resident Shane Aberdein said the tornado dumped a trampoline on his porch.


"First of all there was a lot of rain, it sounded like a bit of thunder," he said. "Then everything stopped, it went really silent, then we heard a smash against the house."

It was then he looked outside and saw the trampoline.

"Had to be something [like a tornado] to transport a trampoline that far," he said. "I thought it might have just been a chair."

He said they were still trying to work out which neighbour it came from.

Listen: Shane Aberdein speaks to Newstalk ZB

Aberdein said his thought was for the kids, but said they'd managed to sleep through most of it.

"We were obviously also hoping another tornado wasn't going to arrive."

He said they did a quick check of the house, and the kids, before going back to sleep.

A Fire Service spokeswoman said it was called to a house on Fulford St, after a roof was lifted off a property in a "small windstorm".

She said crew secured the roof.

Glassey said a line of thunderstorms moved through the area alongside the mini-tornado.

He said tornadoes in the area weren't unheard of.

"We do get them in that area, probably more frequently than what you think, but usually just quite localised and they will not be noticed as they are in the middle of nowhere."

However, Glassey said the risk of another one hitting the area today was diminishing.

"It looks like the main risk is really just this morning, we are forecasting things to settle this afternoon."

-additional reporting by Newstalk ZB's Josh Price