Friends of Chantelle Klasema's brother Steve have posted emotional tributes to her on social media.

Steve changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture of himself and his sister, and more than 80 people left comments to express their support and sadness after news of her death.

Chantelle, 29, died after falling from a third-floor balcony with a 35-year-old man in an apartment complex in Collingwood, Melbourne on Saturday.

Augusta Grayson posted that Chantelle's death was "so unbelievably sad".


"I can't imagine how you're feeling, it's not something anyone should have to experience.

"It's beyond heartbreaking to know she's gone.

"She made me laugh so much, I'll never forget that cheeky grin."

Jamie Vogles sent "love to you and your family bro", and Ryan Bull said he was "absolutely gutted".

"We're all gonna [sic] miss her so much."

Jasmine Anne Primmer said Chantelle's death was "beyond tragic".

"I'm lost for words. Such a bright and beautiful soul taken far too soon."

Billie Maclaurin commented "my heart breaks that such a vibrant, amazing young lady has gone way to [sic] soon, big hugs and loads of love to you all".

Jeremy Badger said Chantelle was "beautiful in every aspect".

"Such a beautiful chick! Always happy, always brought joy and laughter to anyone who she came in contact with... beautiful in every aspect."

Hamish Jackson posted that she was "one of a kind".

Kent Mclachlan added that Chantelle was "one of the nicest people I've ever met".