A woman who dropped a sachet containing a gram of methamphetamine (P) from her wallet as she was paying for petrol at a Westport service station was sentenced to six months' supervision.

Angela Dowler, 31, of Westport, pleaded guilty to possession of a class A drug, at the Westport Caltex on August 10.

Police said Dowler admitted having paid $150 for the methamphetamine earlier that day.

Lawyer Marcus Zintl said Dowler had admitted she had been smoking P recreationally at the time.


"She is remorseful," Mr Zintl said.

Judge Robert Murfitt asked Dowler how long she had been using meth, to which she replied "not long really".

The judge noted she had four children between the ages of 6 and 14 who are not in her care, while underlining to her the real risk that P use poses to children.

"It is known to be a mood-altering very addictive drug which is a scourge on the community. It leads to family violence which is unprecedented," the judge said.

He reflected that, as a Family Court judge, "day after day after day" he encountered meth users who engaged in "unrelenting violence".

"Methamphetamine sabotages the most important job in the world: raising children."

He told Dowler needed to understand "the potentially lethal danger" she was placing her family in by using P.

- Greymouth Star