Police are investigating the discovery of a hidden camera at a Waikato dairy farm.

Waikato Federated Farmers president Chris Lewis says the camera was found aimed at the area where the farmer places milking cups on the cows.

Lewis has warned other farmers to look out for hidden cameras or people wandering on their property illegally and acknowledged the infamous bobby calf investigation could lead to more situations like this.

He said the farmer is in regular contact with police and said it isn't fair for farmers going about their work legally.


"Any New Zealander would find this a big invasion of anyone's privacy, and it'd be frowned upon by most people."

Animal rights activist group SAFE has denied it's behind the hidden camera. Executive director Hans Kriek said it has nothing to do with his organisation.

Mr Kriek said the first time they had heard about the camera was when media rang him to speak about the issue.

"I can tell you in this case this has nothing to do with SAFE," he said.

The Ministry for Primary Industries has also released a statement saying it has nothing to do with the hidden camera.

MPI Waikato Compliance Manager Brendon Mikkelsen said if there are cameras in dairy sheds they are not MPI cameras and they support a police investigation.