A man accused of branding his partner with hot wire and burning her with lighters as part of his "sadistic" behaviour, has described himself as a monster.

Timothy Hebberley's recorded police interview has been played to the jury at his High Court trial in Napier.

The 20-year-old faces 29 charges, including injuring with intent, sexual violation, kidnap, intimidation, rape and threatening to kill.

The Crown alleges Hebberley branded his partner with hot wire, burnt her with lighters and candle wax, intentionally dislocated her limbs, and locked her in a small room with a dangerous dog for two hours.


In the hour-and-a-half video interview played to the jury, Hebberley admitted he was a monster and did horrible things, but denied the "sadistic" offending.

He said to Detective Toni Leippien that his partner just screamed and yelled at him and she'd always point out everything he'd done wrong.

Hebberley said she'd push and shove and slap and he should have just sat there and taken it like a gentleman, but he didn't.

"She made everyone turn against me ... no one believed me that she would hit me too," he said.

He admitted he had very little self-control and punched and kicked her on occasions when she got physical with him.

When asked about the allegations that he burnt her with a cigarette lighter, Hebberley said it never happened and it was her that suggested doing it during sex, after they'd done "candle play".

Hebberley also flatly denied locking her in a small room with a dangerous dog for two hours, and called the accusation that he branded her with hot wire "a bit excessive".

He said he never did anything sexual without her consent. He would always ask if it was okay beforehand.

"I never had sex with her to the point she was screaming and yelling out for help," Hebberley said.

A heated exchange took place earlier in the day, between defence lawyer Scott Jefferson and the alleged victim's father.

The witness said his daughter never told him about any sexual or physical abuse done to her by Hebberley. But if she had, there would be violence of another sort dealt to him, he said.

From the dock, the woman's father pointed directly at the accused sitting in court, and said he does not like that boy.

He said he would knock Hebberley's head off in a heartbeat and could do so with one hand, but he never once laid a hand on him.

The alleged victim's mother had previously given evidence on Wednesday. She told the jury the relationship was very intense and she knew her daughter was in a situation over her head.

The jury also heard allegations that Hebberley dislocated her shoulder and hip joints by twisting and pushing her. Crown prosecutor Jo Rielly told the court in her opening address, that "she felt Mr Hebberley was enjoying her pain ... He enjoyed the popping sound [of the dislocations]."

Dr David Gardner gave expert medical evidence today, after treating the alleged victim for painful joints.

He said the hip joint doesn't often spontaneously dislocate, because it would need a lot of force to do so, like being in a car accident.

He told the court if someone was prone, and had their legs held out in an unusual position, it's possible the hip would partially dislocate.

He said it's more common for tendons to slip over the joint, which would feel very similar to a dislocation, and it would never usually make a popping noise.

The trial is continuing.