Family and friends have gathered to bid one final farewell to Huntly crash victim Stephen Phillips.

Phillips was travelling in a rental car when it crossed the centre line on State Highway 1 and collided with a truck. His stepsons also lost their lives in the crash.

The boys' mother, Belinda Williams, was rushed to hospital in a critical condition along with her daughter Tessa, who survived the crash.

Phillips, who played first violin for the Queensland symphony orchestra, was remembered at a traditional Catholic ceremony at St Brigid's Church in Red Hill, Brisbane, according to


Daughter Georgiana Lynch made an emotional tribute to her father.

"No piece was too difficult to play. No audience was too big to captivate," she said.

"No project was too grand to take on and no organ was too broken to fix.

"Steven was a bow, perched on the strings, always ready to make a sound."

"If his name was on it, it was accomplished to the highest standards of excellence," Phillips' brother, John, eulogised.

The service was attended by over 200 people and featured musical accompaniment from violins, cellos, brass and a choir.