Across the region returned regional councillors weren't impressed with some of the tactics employed by environmentalists, Dannevirke's John Barrow says.

Mr Barrow was successful in retaining the Tararua seat on Horizons Regional Council for a third term, with 2998 votes defeating challengers Andrew Day of Pahiatua on 1448 and Lorraine Stephenson of Dannevirke on 1263.

"Those tactics were disappointing," Mr Barrow said.

Stability will be the big thing for Horizons going forward.


"Keeping the facts in front of the public because we don't need the negativity of environmental zealots," Mr Barrow said. "That sort of thing has shown up in the results in Hawke's Bay.

"And we can do without the dirty water rubbish which is thrown at us. The standards set for water quality in New Zealand are extremely high. We've got to keep in context what is pollution, because our water quality standards are exceptionally good."

Mr Barrow said he would continue to "say it the way it is", as the regional council prepares to deal with Wellington Fish and Game and the Environmental Defence Society's challenge to the One Plan in the Environment Court.

And it was that Environment Court challenge which Mr Day believes put paid to his chances of winning the Tararua seat on Horizons.

"The timing was all wrong," he said. "People didn't have enough time to learn more about the facts."

Mrs Stephenson was unable to be contacted for comment.

* Eketahuna's Diane Anderson was successful in retaining her seat on the MidCentral District Health Board for a sixth term, but Dannevirke's Sharon Wards seeking her first term on the board was unsuccessful.