Defeated Auckland Council candidate Bill Ralston said voting results show that the people on the right of the political spectrum "just don't vote".

Reacting to Phil Goff's victory in the race for the mayoralty, Ralston said he was perplexed as to why more centre-right voters didn't engage in local body politics.

"What we're seeing in Auckland is that the centre right just don't vote, why don't they do it That's the big question."

He commended Goff's rival Vic Crone, but she could've given herself more of a chance at succeeding if she had started campaigning earlier.


"Maybe if she started earlier that would've helped her."

Ralston was defeated for the Waitemata and Gulf council seat by incumbent Mike Lee, and he offered his congratulations to Lee.

Ralston he was happy with his campaign and he was "glad [the race] was close".

He said he would've changed "a few minor technical things" about his campaign, but that his efforts door-knocking and meeting people were reflected in the votes he received.

Ralston stood as an independent but swore allegiance to Auckland Future and Vic Crone, the latest de facto attempt by the National Party to wrestle control of the Super City.

Successful candidate Mike Lee said the contest for the Waitemata and Gulf ward was a "hard campaign against a tough opponent".

He said the election of Phil Goff as mayor was "like a reset of the Super City to begin anew".

"Phil Goff has the intellect, energy and ability to provide real leadership to take Auckland onwards."


Lee added that he was disappointed to hear some people in his ward had missed out on receiving their voting papers.

"We can use the technology we have to enhance the postal system. It seems incredible that it takes three days to get a vote across town".