There may be plenty more fish in the sea, but for 86-year-old Huntly resident Eunice, there's one less fish in her pond following flooding over the weekend.

Torrential rain washed down her street and blocked drains leaving the water running through her property.

"I was talking on the phone. By the time I walked over to the window it had completely flooded."

Eunice was worried two carp fish her children had found 10 years ago wouldn't be in the pond by morning.

"The pond, when I came out this morning, had been emptied. I think actually when [the firefighters] drew the water out of the yard, it emptied the pond and took the fish with it."

But hope was not lost.

Norman Andersen lives two doors down. His yard was flooded too.

"I came out and was checking the property to see if there was any damage. I was looking in the drains, I saw this fish, and then I saw it flapping around, I thought it might have come from the river."

He then told his wife, who asked some of the neighbours whether they knew if the fish belonged to anyone.

Before long, Eunice was reunited with one of her beloved fish.

And on Monday, Norman met Eunice for the first time.

Eunice says she's very thankful to have at least one of her pets back, but is now looking for a companion for the "lonely carp" in her fish pond.