The big day arrives as the Kiwi Tardis makes it out of the garage for the first time!

Posted by Kiwi Tardis on Tuesday, 20 September 2016

An Auckland man has built his own Tardis - and yes, it's bigger on the inside.

Michael Baxter, who has been a Doctor Who fan since Colin Baker was on TV screens, said he and a friend started talking about building the Tardis a couple of years ago.

A Tardis, which stands for time and relative dimension in space, is the time travel machine used by the Doctor in the popular TV show. It takes the form of a big, blue, police phone box and is famously bigger on the inside.

"My wife thought I was extremely wacko," 44-year-old Baxter said.


But, he added, she was "slowly coming around to the fact that it's in the front garden now".

Baxter spent about a year building the Tardis with the help of his father-in-law. He even put special mirrored acrylic on the walls inside so the reflection made it look as if the inside stretched on forever.

While he has teenage kids - 16 and 18 - the Tardis was his toy.

He hopes to wire it up so anyone who goes inside can hit a button and have it light up and make the Tardis sound.

Baxter is unsure yet what the plan is for the Tardis. He originally hoped to take it to school fairs for children to go inside, but the size of it makes it difficult to transport.

"At the moment it's just in the garden, being what it is."

The Tardis can be seen on Baxter's Kiwi Tardis Facebook page.