After 10 hours of deliberations, the jury in the Colin Craig defamation case has returned.

When they reconvened this morning, Justice Sarah Katz reminded the 11 jurors they they're under no time pressure to reach a decision.

She told them to "take whatever time you need".

The jurors have been deliberating since yesterday afternoon after Justice Katz gave them an hour and a half summary of the defamation case brought by Jordan Williams against Craig in the High Court at Auckland. The evidence and arguments took three weeks.


A few hours after being sent out, the jury asked to re-watch the press conference where Craig announced the Dirty Politics leaflet, which he later distributed to more than 1.6 million households.

They also re-watched the former leader of the Conservative Party's interview on TV3's Paul Henry about the leaflet.

Jurors took a quick break about 11.30am to get some fresh air.

The jurors are deciding whether Craig defamed Williams with his remarks at the press conference and in the publication.

If they rule in favour of Williams, the jury must also decide how much compensation Craig has to pay and whether and how much he should be fined as a punishment.