Corrections has won a last-minute appeal to extend its supervision of a child sex offender.

The Court of Appeal today overturned a decision by the High Court denying the Corrections Department clearance to take out an extended supervision order against 32-year-old Ali Alinizi - whose parole conditions were due to expire on Thursday.

Alinizi was in 2005 convicted and jailed for eight years for raping a 15-year- old girl.

While in jail, two previous indecent assaults on a nine-year-old girl came to light, extending his sentence.


He was released on parole in January this year, with his parole conditions set to expire on September 29. The High Court in July was asked to allow an extended supervision - which lets Corrections keep tabs on people who pose a serious risk of committing sexual or violent offences for up to 10 years after their parole finishes.

But the judge ruled Alinizi didn't display the "intense drive, desire or urge" to commit sexual offences - a prerequisite for an ESO - based on psychological reports.

But the appeal court has today ruled that the test for what "display" meant was set too high in the original case.

"We are satisfied on the basis of the three psychologists' reports and Mr Alinizi's history of offending that the several statutory prerequisites ... continue to be present."

It has ordered Alinizi be placed under a six-year order starting from Thursday.

"A period of six years should provide an adequate opportunity for the development of a safety plan with protective factors which would safeguard the community."