Fake New Zealand ID cards are being peddled from an offshore website shut down by authorities three years ago.

For $A60 a New Zealand Card and a host of Australian proof of age and identity cards can be bought from Fakies.com.au.

An example of a fake New Zealand card uses the profile of our most notorious export Jake the Mus wielding a bar stool in a menacing fashion.

At a glance the card is fashioned closely to a New Zealand Driver Licence. It uses a similar layout, font and use of capitals.


Even the background effect is the same however there is a notable difference in the wording of the small white words with "full driver licence" and "raihana taraiwa tuturu" replaced by "New Zealand".

The Daily Mail reports the website was previously shut down in a 2013 following a raid on a Melbourne house.

However it is seemingly open again for business and using Facebook to promote the sale of fake IDs and proof of age cards across all Australian states and New Zealand.

Those behind the cards boasts it is the only Australian business providing quality, legal novelty identification.

The website comes with a rider that none of the cards are government issue and should not be used as official identification. They are strictly for novelty use and if you buy them you agree to not use them in any fraudulent manner.

The website offers fake identiy cards for as little as $A60. Photo / Supplied
The website offers fake identiy cards for as little as $A60. Photo / Supplied

The Melbourne-based company says the IDs are made out of the same high-grade PVC plastic used to make credit cards.

It says once an order is placed a card should turn up within a week.

There are testimonials from three customers from the start of the year that claim the cards "look sick" and arrived within days of ordering online.

The Daily Mail said it had contacted Victoria Police about the website.

The Herald has approached the New Zealand Police and New Zealand Transport Agency about the fake cards.

The novelty card company has also been approached for comment. A link to its Facebook page from the website no longer works.