A thrill-killer who has spent 22 years in prison for a horrific double murder has had his request for parole denied.

In June 1994 Gresham Marsh, then 22, killed elderly couple John and Josie Harrisson, shooting them repeatedly in their Te Akau home in the Waikato.

Marsh and a second man involved in the murder, Leith Ray, are serving life sentences for the crimes.

They told police they wanted to see what it was like to kill someone and watch them die.


In a parole hearing on June 29, Marsh requested he be released in three months' time to an unspecified address under the supervision of people who have been supporting him during his time in prison.

The board acknowledged Marsh had undertaken a number of interventions while in prison to help him address the root cause of his offending.

The most recent was a programme he graduated from at the end of October last year.

Although Parole Board member Justice Marion Frater accepted Marsh's request was reasonable, and that he had made considerable progress in addressing his offending, he said the board was not satisfied that he had reached the point where he could safely be released.

On that basis, Marsh's parole was declined. His next hearing will be during the week beginning December 5.