Taupo needs more houses. Whether to accommodate out-of-towners moving to the lake town or for residents struggling to find a house to put over their heads, the need is strong.

It also needs a mayor who can think long-term and lead a cohesive team, say some

Mayor David Trewavas, who is seeking a second term on the Taupo District Council, says the council has 2500 sections ready for development and houses need to be built on them quickly to accommodate growth.

He says the town is benefiting from strong tourism, but the negative effect of this is a shortage of housing for people wanting to live in or move into the area.


Although he sees the influx in tourism as positive, he says it is placing a strain on Taupo's infrastructure such as parks, reserves and public toilets.

"You've got people using the reserves not only for recreational but freedom camping as well."

Taupo's Women's Refuge manager Eileen Devane agrees there is a shortage of housing, but says it is coming from those already living in the town.

Devane, who also runs the Taupo Community Foodbank, says homelessness and the lack of extras for lower socio-economic families is a real challenge for Taupo going forward.

"On a weekly basis we are screening calls for homeless people who are looking for emergency housing in regards to refuge and we can't help them because they are not their criteria."

Cycling advocacy group Bike Taupo chairman Rowan Sapsford wants to see more biking infrastructure and safer cycling areas around town for children and commuters.

21 Sep, 2016 5:00pm
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The town needs a mayor who has vision and can see the bigger picture, he says. "Someone who is going to look at spending or investing in the future."

But Taupo Residents Group committee member Dr Tony Ludbrook says Taupo needs a council that will continue to reduce the city's debt and keep rates down.

Ludbrook says the city's debt is still too high and needs to be paid off.

The council also needs to review its investments because the group does not believe it should invest in something as volatile as the stock market, he says.

The right mayor would be able to run a cohesive team and not get bogged down in politics, he says.

"Our current mayor has represented us well, but I think there have been a few little ructions at a council level."


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David Trewavas

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