A driver's shocking near-miss at a Wellington intersection has been caught on camera.

The video, which shows a car rushing through the intersection of Karo Drive and Victoria St about four seconds after the traffic light turned red, was shared on NZ Police's Facebook page.

Another car heading through the intersection is forced to stop quickly as the first car goes past, narrowly missing hitting it.

The incident happened on September 8, police said.


The car has been identified and an infringement notice of $150.00 has been issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

"This is really concerning to watch, not only has the driver risked their own life, but also the lives of other driver and any passengers that may have been in either of the cars," said Superintendent Steve Greally, National Manager, Road Policing.

"Red-light running is highly dangerous - it risks the lives of others simply to get a few metres further along the road. We have shared this footage to demonstrate that by running a red-light you could easily cause a serious or fatal crash.

"Police would rather not have to issue any infringements as it would mean drivers are driving safely and reducing the risk of death and serious injury on our roads. which is something we are all responsible for."