Weather conditions are expected to be slightly better throughout the week, after a weekend of heavy rain and flooding in some parts of the country.

But you will still need to keep the umbrella and raincoat nearby.

The MetService earlier issued severe weather watch warnings over Wairarapa, Wellington and Marlborough, where there was heavy rain and flooding.

The rain has since eased and the warnings are due to be lifted later tonight, meteorologist Rochelle Fleming said.


The forecast looks to bring fine periods tomorrow and throughout the week to most parts of the country. However, there will be rain - just not as heavy.

"It's not a clear blue sky day [tomorrow] - there will be some cloud around,'' Fleming said.

"Auckland will have some cloud and the odd shower. But it'll be a, pretty much everywhere, a lot better day than it was today,'' she said.

"For other parts of the North Island, there will be an improving trend tonight and into tomorrow. So for most places, the worst of it has passed through."

Auckland is in for a high of 17C tomorrow, with fine spells and one or two showers. Tuesday will bring patchy rain and Wednesday is mostly fine, except for some rain set to clear later in the day.

Hamilton is set to be fine with a chance of afternoon shower. They have a high of 18C and an overnight low of 4C.

Gisborne and neighbouring parts will get a few showers until the afternoon and southerly winds. While it's a sunnier day further north - in Whangarei - where fine spells are expected.

Those in the Capital can expect a cloudy day and high of 12C to start off the working week.

"It's still mostly cloudy around Wellington, there could be some drizzle in the morning. But compared to the rain that we've had today, there won't be anything like that heap of rain that we've had today."

Fleming said the South Island would get mostly settled weather; save for the eastern part of the island, which would be mostly cloudy.

Nelson is in for a few showers and cloudy periods tomorrow, with a high of 15C.

Christchurch has a 14C high forecast and an overnight low of 4C. They have a mostly cloudy day with occasional morning drizzle and light winds.

Queenstown is set to be a bright Monday, with a mostly fine day and a high of 15C. Dunedin is forecast for similar conditions - with morning cloud and then fine conditions, with drizzle later in the evening.