Failure to return home spurs family to alert neighbour.

The elderly man who lay injured on the floor for two days with a broken leg has had surgery and is on the mend.

Neighbour Shirley McGowan, who found the man, said the 87-year-old Aucklander had surgery last night to get his broken femur "rodded and plated". She said he will be moving into physical rehabilitation soon.

"I'm just rapt to hear he's doing well."

The man had fallen and broken his leg on Monday night in his Pauanui holiday home. He crawled to the kitchen for his cellphone but wasn't able to reach it on the bench. The man's family called McGowan after he didn't return to his Ellerslie home on Wednesday and asked her to check on him. He was found in critical condition on blood-soaked carpet and flown to Auckland City Hospital on Wednesday night.


McGowan said nobody knew why the carpet was bloody as he didn't appear to have any major wounds. She said the family have had to hire a professional to clean the carpet.

"With old age and thin skin maybe he's knocked somewhere that hasn't been noticed."

McGowan commented that her neighbour was a "tough guy".

"He must have been in so much pain," McGowan said.

"He's gutsy, he dragged a blanket off the bed and threw it over his legs. These old people are tough.

"It was lovely to know we found him before it was too late."

The man was supposedly on a road trip to see some friends in Tauranga, and had stopped in at the bach on the way home.

After McGowan was alerted by the man's family she knocked on the man's door with her partner. No one answered, but she could hear the TV so they walked around the back to call for him.

"We said ... 'Are you alright?' He said, 'No I'm not. I can't move.'"

They quickly called the man's family and dialled 111.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called at 6.52pm. They flew the man to Auckland City Hospital.

McGowan said emergency services had to cut his pants off because of his injuries.

She thinks no one heard the man's calls because he was towards the back of the house and their street is mostly made up of empty holiday homes.

The manner of the emergency services was impressive, McGowan said.

"We want to thank all the rescuers because they were amazing. The poor guy had been lying there for ages, when first response came they were so serving, they said, 'Be calm. We're here, you'll be fine.'

"Hopefully he's warm and cosy now."

McGowan, who has been in touch with the family, said the man was getting out of surgery tonight.

A spokesman for Westpac Rescue Helicopter said a man in his 80s was flown to Auckland City Hospital from Pauanui after he had fallen and lay there for days.

"He's been found after falling and remaining on the ground for a prolonged period of time."

He said as he flew to hospital the man's condition deteriorated to become critical but stable.

His condition last night was no longer critical.

An Auckland District Health Board spokeswoman said the man was now stable.