The victim of a violent carjacking has woken up to an overwhelming amount of support.

Nancy Voon, 65, is still recovering in Auckland City Hospital with a broken bone in her face, chipped teeth and bruising across her body after two girls kicked her in the head and stomach yesterday.

Voon's son Chee Phua, 33, said she's awake now but has hardly spoken. She is very nauseous, "a bit wobbly" and has been sleeping a lot. Phua said she will be in hospital for at least another night.

Phua said the family have had a massive amount of positive feedback.

Nancy Voon was viciously attacked and had her car stolen. Her family are shocked at the brutality of the attackers

"It's been overwhelming really. People are just wishing her the best and a fast recovery. And the other one is they're wishing just to find those bad people."

Phua is confident the police are trying as hard as they can to catch the offenders.

"I'm pretty sure they're doing all they can. It's a big country but they'll get it done."

The stolen vehicle used in the brutal assault is also suspected of being in a road crash earlier in the day.

The car's owner Kimberly Bristowe said the car was stolen from her Mangere East property between 1am and 6am. The car then collided with another vehicle in Mangere town centre around 6am.

"They bumped into somebody else and then drove off."

Bristowe said her car was found by police in the Flatbush area and is now being examined by forensics. She said a window was broken, the ignition has been jimmied and there is panel damage to the rear of the car. Even though Bristowe just spent $700 fixing her car up she's more concerned about the offenders being caught then what they did to her car.

"I'm not too concerned about the car anymore.


"It's just absolutely horrible what those girls did. There's no need to take it to that extent."

Bristowe hopes that Voon will pull through.

"It's not just the assault it's the obvious ongoing anxiety for Nancy and her family. It's just brutal."

Friends of Bristowe's have posted on the Auckland City District Police Facebook page that the red Honda Fit had been involved in a suspected hit-and-run before yesterday's brazen brutal attack on a woman in her 60s sitting in her car outside the Panmure YMCA.

Her family said she was in shock after an attack so brutal police would not let them watch CCTV footage of it.

The car owner's partner, Adam Hamilton, has posted on Facebook that when the car was reported stolen police told them there had been a call about a hit-and-run thought to involve the same vehicle.

Bristowe posted she was alarmed by the unspeakable cruelty of the attack on Voon and didn't want her car anymore.

"In all honesty, I don't really care about my car anymore, I just hope that the police catch these girls so that they are held accountable for their actions and if they are not caught, they realise that what they did to this lady was so, so wrong," she wrote.

Nancy Voon was viciously attacked and had her car stolen. Her family are shocked at the brutality of the attackers

Bristowe hoped the girls, when caught, would receive more than a "slap on the wrists".

She also sent her love to the bashing victim and her family and wished her a speedy recovery.

Hamilton was critical police did not look into the earlier suspected hit-and-run, which may have prevented the brutal bashing.

Another person reported seeing the stolen car cruising through Otahuhu around 10am with windows down and music blaring out.

Auckland City Police Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Newman said he was not able to discuss specific incidents or sightings that would form part of the inquiry while the offenders were at large.

"At this stage we are still looking for the offenders, and we are working to piece together the circumstances leading up to yesterday's incident. This includes reports and comments on Facebook of people who saw people fitting the description of the offenders," he said.

Do you know the woman in the passenger seat? If you do contact your local police station.
Do you know the woman in the passenger seat? If you do contact your local police station.

"We can say though that all information is being assessed and our priority is gathering and assessing evidence that will lead us to identify and locate the people responsible for this nasty attack."