A Rotorua woman has made up three rooms for the homeless, but she has no idea how to reach them.

"We have a small room for a toddler or baby (it was our sewing room) we turned into a lovely little room with a bassinet.

"[We have] another room with a queen size bed and another room with two single beds. My daughter and I made up the rooms very nicely and comfortable and warm."

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Huia Ketcham asked one organisation if they could help house a single mum with children or whoever might need the place, but were told because they lived past the Rotorua Airport, they might be too far out.

Mrs Ketcham said this was about three months ago and she had heard nothing back.

"I don't really want to go and knock on someone's door down at the Lakefront. I think that theses groups are doing a great thing, but I don't know who to ask to help.

"It's a big thing to open up your home to strangers. I felt that I wanted to help, I think homelessness is getting worse and we have so much space."

17 Sep, 2016 9:00am
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