The New Zealand Customs service has helped overseas authorities seize a significant amount of drugs at their borders as part of a global crack down on drug smugglers and syndicates.

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner said the agency was contributing to large drug seizures overseas through intelligence sharing and collaboration.

Earlier this year 115kg of cocaine was seized in Australia as a result of shared intelligence.

And last week Australian authorities boarded a cruise ship on arrival in Sydney from Auckland, resulting in the seizure and arrest of three Canadians on board.


"Australian Border Force, Australian Federal Police, New Zealand Customs, US Department of Homeland Security Investigations, and the Canada Border Services Agency were involved in the operation," Wagner said.

She said Customs was part of a global enforcement network focused on identifying and targeting drug smuggling and syndicates worldwide.

"Customs work closely with international partners to help drug detection overseas and these partners provide New Zealand Customs with valuable support that helps to prevent drugs getting across our border," she said.

"Ultimately, by helping to protect other borders, we protect our own border too. Prevention through collaboration is the key to disrupting illicit drugs from entering New Zealand,."