A group of Napier Pokemon hunters caught something better than a Pikachu while out playing the game last night.

The group were near the Perfume Point carpark in Ahuriri when they heard a car alarm go off and then seconds later a man ran past them wearing a horror mask.

Police say they followed the masked man in their van and pulled up next to him as he was getting into another car.

The man, still wearing his mask allegedly came up to the game hunters and it was at
that point they realised he had been interfering with the car where the alarm had gone off.


The Pokemon hunters then grabbed the masked man and held him while another phoned police.

"This is a great catch," Senior Sergeant David Sutherland said.

"If it wasn't for this group of young people, then we would never have caught this guy. Well done to them, they were brave enough to hold him until our staff arrived and we thank them for a job well done. "

However, police would also like to remind people that their own safety is
paramount, and at the first instance they are best to call police when
intervening in matters.

"Capturing little Pokemon monsters isn't just good for the players because in this case it's good for the police too, but we don't want any good Samaritans getting hurt," Sutherland said.

Police arrived shortly after and arrested a 28-year-old man on theft charges who is due to appear in the Napier District Court on September 7.