A 5.7 magnitude quake off the east coast of the North Island has been felt from Auckland to Wellington this morning.

The 25km deep quake struck just after 10am 100km north-east of Te Araroa.

The quake, classed as severe by GeoNet, was reported as felt by at least 127 people from as far north as Great Barrier Island all the way to Wellington.

People reported feeling moderate to weak shaking from the quake.


"Wow, what a shake," Herald reader Tam Lindsay said.

"We thought there was a truck coming up the driveway."

A reader in Napier also described the feeling as being like a large truck passing by.

"The quake caused the screen to wobble for about 5 seconds."

Eric Stevens works in Greenhithe, Auckland, on the top floor of a house built on poles.

"The house tends to sway a little with any mild disturbance - people walking, spin dry cycle.

"I was alone in the house and felt what seemed to be a bump which caused the house to sway back and forth for about two seconds.

"After checking around to makes sure there were no strangers on the deck I eventually concluded it was an earthquake."

Gisborne District Council Civil Defence staff said they had spoken to members of the community at Te Araroa and Tolaga Bay schools who they said they felt it as a minor shake.

However they did not feel the need to evacuate, a spokeswoman said.