A Kiwi team is battling sweltering and dusty conditions in the Middle East where it is flying people and cargo around the region to support on-going coalition operations.

The 34 members of the New Zealand Defence air transport team has been deployed in the Middle East since June to assist its Australian counterparts.

The crew has so far been involved in 32 missions transporting freight and people to support the New Zealand and Australian operations in the region.

NZDF air commodore Darryn Webb said the team is managing well in tough conditions.


"They manage a high operational tempo, flying about 85 hours per month. They also have to contend with air temperatures in the mid-40s (degrees Celsius), with the metallic surfaces of equipment well above that."

The Royal New Zealand Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft had clocked over 200 flying hours since being deployed there.

The team will return to New Zealand in December.