Police say an operation in the Hauraki District this afternoon is a search for a person wanted under a warrant in the wider Thames area.

Locals have told Newstalk ZB about police vehicles moving through the area at very high speeds.

This man saw five cars with officers in balaclavas near Paeroa.

"The first car load of cops with balaclavas on was on Awaiti Road, there were four further cars - two station wagons, two saloons - all heading in the same direction"


Workers in Paeroa also witnessed an out-of-the-ordinary Police presence.

A woman says she saw one police car speeding down Awaiti Road and one down Puke Road, where it filled up with petrol.

The GAS worker says one car with two Police occupants dressed in black got petrol off him and headed off towards Ngatea.

Police are unable to provide anymore clarity as the operation is underway but say it's not related to the Northland man on the run.