One person is in hospital and several people were evacuated after flames engulfed an Auckland house.

Eight fire engines were called to a house fire on Arawa St, New Lynn at 6.29pm tonight. Neighbouring houses were evacuated as fire crews feared the blaze would spread due to high winds.

One patient was transported to Auckland Hospital with moderate injuries, said St John.

Local resident Nick Smith said flames were reaching up well above the roof of an old wood house down the back of a driveway.


"The flames would have been a good 10 - 20m above the roof.

"[The house] was pretty burnt out. It looked like the roof caved in and the wind wasn't helping.

"I think they doused it with water and the wind picked it back up."

Smith said it is fortunate most of the nearby houses were brick and tile.

"They might be a bit safer. I hope so."

A fire communications spokesman said all occupants of the house were accounted for after earlier concerns that one person was missing.

A specialist lighting unit was brought to the scene.

Residents living next door and opposite the fire remain unable to return to their homes and the street remains cordoned off.

Herald reporter Susan Strongman was at the scene and said the fire appeared now to be out. About eight fire engines and two police cars had attended.

A Fire Service spokesman said a fire investigator was on their way. The cause of the fire could take some time to determine though.

"Some of these things drag out through forensic testing, samples have to go to labs.
Some investigations can take days or weeks."